Soft Close Drawer Slides from Actron’s Actra-Close System

Soft Close Draw Slide - Actra-Close


Soft Close Drawer Slides from Actron’s Actra-Close System


Soft Close Draw Slide Fitted

The Actra-Close® Soft Close Drawer Slide damper system provides a smooth, silent retraction system for new aerospace designs and a flexible retrofit to existing standard aerospace drawer applications. Reduce noise in aircraft Galleys and stowage cabinets by installing Actra-Close® in first and business class seating to enhance cabin quality.

Actron's soft close draw slide system can be flexibly mounted either on the side or onto the drawer cabinet thus allowing full flexibility for retrofit designs.

The video below gives an excellent demonstration of the Actron soft close drawer system.

A5245 standard

The A5245-series provides the simple soft close drawer slide option, based on Actron’s popular A5210-series slide system. All fixings are exactly the same, while the installation of the Actra-Close® damper beneath the slides ensures full drawer extension as you would expect from the standard A5210 slide systems.

A5285 Lightweight

The A5285-series are the lightweight soft close drawer slide option, based on the lightweight A5250-series Actron slides. The A5250 series saves approximately 18% on the weight of the standard slide, without sacrificing load capacity or other important features. This ensures fuel savings and/or increased payload options for the Aircraft.

Retrofit Kits

The A53105-series affords our clients the ability to retrofit a soft close drawer slide system to existing drawer assemblies currently in operation. The retrofit kit simply mounts the Actra-Close® damper mechanism to the cabinet and the supplied actuating link to the drawer, and any 3/8” slide becomes a fully functioning, soft close assembly.

Smooth Cam latches

As a compliment to the Actra-Close® damper system Actron also manufacture a smooth cam latch system on some of the latch range. This operates via a special cam which retracts the bolt before hitting the striker. This easy bolt retraction system creates a smooth closing action whilst retaining a positive latch hold once the drawer is fully closed. These smooth cam latches operate optimally with Actron's adjustable wire strikes which are fully adjustable from the front thus making adjustment quick and easy without  having to dismantle the draw unit. Smooth Cam Close Latch from Actron

For more information on Actron's Actra-Close Soft Close Drawer Slides

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